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Superhero Kids Parties

We cover all themes! Design your party with Superhero Kids! 

Did you know that we also run children's parties? Our children's parties also heavily focus on boosting your child's self confidence and self esteem.


See below for a full list of all our products and services. 

Party hosts 


Action heroes and princesses


Entertainment and prizes 

Face-painting services 

Decoration Services 

Balloon Arches and Balloon Deco 

Head tables and backdrops 

Party/Gift Bags 

Candy Floss, Popcorn, and Slush Puppy Machine Hire and much more!

Parties for girls 


Here at Superhero Kids we also offer a wide range of pamper party packages. Our pamper parties are also designed to boost your child's:

Self confidence 

Self esteem 

Resilience and support your daughter in recognising her own super powers!

Book your daughters pamper party today by filling in an enquiry form on our Contact us page! 


Additional services

Maths blackboard image.jpg


It's my birthday T Shirts 

Birthday Gifts 

Personalised T-Shirts 

Personalised Party/Gift Bags 

Personalised Backdrops 

Personalised Decorations and much more!

Contact us for further information. 

Super Gifts

Just like our our academy and parties, we also provide a wide range of personalised gift options designed to boost children's self esteem. 

Contact us to design a "super" gift! 

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