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Superhero Kids Academy

At The Superhero Academy, we follow the National curriculum and EYFS. We cover all core subjects taught in schools with a focus on English and Maths, through growth mindset training. Our unique assessment criteria is designed to develop a new superhero power and skill in your child in every single lesson, following the National Curriculum in turn encouraging your child develop a love for learning.

Not only do our programmes focus on your child's holistic development but also the skills that your child requires to be successful throughout school and life!

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Founder - Melissa Titre



Here at the Superhero Kids Academy your child's mental health and well-being is paramount to us. Here at The Superhero Kids Academy we focus on both your child's academic learning and mental well-being. Through our dynamic curriculum we focus intently on boosting your child's confidence in Literacy and Maths through growth mindset training.


Based on research from some of the world's most renowned psychologist children begin to either develop self esteem or self doubt from the age of 2 years! We truly believe that it is the role of all parents and educators to heavily focus on boosting children self esteem and confidence from a very early age. 

Our mission is to support children to achieve academic success as well as reducing the rising statistics in relation to low academic achievement for children across the world. Our main aim is to support young children and people in developing a positive disposition to Mathematics and Literacy through entrepreneurship. 


We strongly believe that confident children go on to become confident and successful adults in life!

Melissa Titre is the founder of Superhero Kids Academy. She has previously worked as an early years improvement officer where she was responsible for monitoring the provision of education and safeguarding in early years settings across the U.K.

With a deep rooted passion within the areas of child development and child psychology, she has 15 years experience in the education sector and has also worked as an early years lecturer and senior leadership in early years education.

Melissa has always had the vision of making a global impact on the lives of young children. With experience as and entrepreneur and now author.

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