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Superhero Kids Academy
Developing Leaders through academic learning & entrepreneurship

Maths & English Tuition

Reading Book Together

Enhance Learning

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For Parents

It is vital that parents, carers and educators understand the role they play in boosting children's self esteem, resilience and confidence.

Superhero Kids Academy believe that confident and resilient children are:

  • More willing to try new experiences in the classroom!

  • More willing to take risks and challenges in their learning!

  • Make great problem solvers and critical thinkers!

  • Cope better with the day to day pressures in school and life!

  • Able to recover quickly in times of adversity!

  • Bounce back quicker after challenges!

Here at the Superhero Kids Academy we believe that education should lead to innovation, we have embedded entrepreneurship into the core of all of our  subjects in line with the National Curriculum. Our tutors work closely with your child and with you as a parent in goal setting and work with you to ensure your child achieves all set targets within the National Curriculum. Supporting your child to excel academically. 

Our outstanding teaching and learning is closely monitored through face to face teaching, reports and termly parents meetings.

We believe that every child has a gift. Our academy teachers work closely with your child to recognise their talents and abilities...Their Super Powers!


Build Friendships

Through our wide range of teaching and

assessment methods, we support your child to

develop their social skills and build lasting

relationships with like minded peers.

Our curriculum fosters leadership, team working, collaboration, sustained shared thinking and

employability skills through fun and exciting entrepreneurial projects embedded with Maths

and English.

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